Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend to use an account with profile photo. Add some valid followers manually. Add and validate your email and phone number which you have used to create Instagram account. Connect your Facebook profile to your Instagram account. Put minimum five posts at the appropriate time on your Instagram account.
InstaMond is designed to treat like a human considering the Instagram rules. So Instagram will not recognize the use of robot. For more security, for each time, a new IP address will be used. The limits of Instagram will be considered to follow, like and direct. So the possibility of being recognized by Instagram is close to zero by acting under the Instagram constraints.
On the user panel, it is possible to control all the robot features individually at any time.
InstaMond is a web-based service. Unlike many similar services, InstaMond does not require any software installation and it can operate 24 hours a day.
If you encounter a problem with the InstaMond service, you can request a refund according to the InstaMond rules and have your money back on your account.
You can have unlimited Instagram accounts on your InstaMond panel.
To maximize the number of appropriate audiences and being succeed on Instagram by using InstaMond, you can target your audience according to geographical location, hashtags and the competitors’ users.
Ask your questions on contact page or support section on your user panel and we will be happy to answer your questions.