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How to get more followers on Instagram with Instamond?!

Instamond is an Instagram bot with several features to help you in getting more followers on Instagram. First, let’s explain how the Instagram bot works. Instagram bot follows different accounts and provokes the owners by commenting and liking their posts, on behalf of your account. Little by little, more Instagram users will be led to your account, as they have seen you liking and commenting on your page. In this way, and also by having attractive and practical contents in your own account, you will eventually increase the number of your followers which is a well-known measurement of the popularity and success rate of your page. The main purpose of this bot, is to help their users in gaining more followers.  Currently, Instagram bot is the most popular bot among Instagram users, since it offers many different beneficial features at the lowest price possible. These features are easy and safe to use.

Target the best ideas

Although increasing the number of followers is important, but they also need to be related to your field of business. In fact the latter is highly important in efficiency and success rate of your business account. For example, when your page is about providing pregnancy products, you do not need followers who are under the age of 18. Therefore, Instagram bots such as Instamond introduce target patterns to avoid leading unrelated followers to your account. You can select 5 target patterns in InstaMond:

  • ✔️  Choose followers from the specified pages.
  • ✔️  Choose followers which loves a specific Hashtag
  • ✔️  Choose followers from users (owners) of a specific Hashtag
  • ✔️  Choose Followers from their location
  • ✔️  Choose followers from a specific list

Get followers from the specified pages

By specifying a list of target pages for the robot, it will led more followers, particularly from listed pages, to your account.

Get followers which loves a specific Hashtag

By using this option, you can specify a particular hashtag and the bot will lead hashtag followers to your page. This is the best way to get followers in a related field.

Hashtag lovers

By using this option, you can specify a particular hashtag and those who are interested in that hashtags will be led to your account and eventually follow you.


Instagram’s location is a great tools that determines people’s living area or their presence area. With this feature, you can specify a particular location and ask Instagram bot to invite people who are there to become your followers.

4 Step to get more followers on instagram

1. Follow, 2. Like, 3. Leave comment, 4. Unfollow

As we said, Instagram bot’s method to attract new followers on Instagram is to use the curiosity of individuals. Most people, when a stranger follows them, or placing comments and like on their posts, they get curious and will enter his page to check on him. If his posts are appealing to them, they will follow him. It is a simple but effective method used by many Instagram bots. Although, there is a limitation of the number of following in Instagram, so after some time you have to unfollow those who you followed. It will be very time consuming but do not worry, the Instamond will do it for you automatically.

Manage your instagram bot with instamond panel

One of the most effective and practical features of Instamond, is its targeting algorithm. By specifying a particular target as an input for the bot, a box will be added to the system. In this box, you can manage all the activities which are applied on that target. In each box, you can specify the likelihood, comment, and tracking strategy for that target. You can check all activities related to a target and see what has applied to that target, so far. You can also turn off that target so that no activity can be done about it. The most important feature in each box is the conversion rate. The conversion rate in each box, which is stored in memory, basically reports the number of people who have started following you since the time you have applied actions on the target of each box.  This practical feature will report numbers, no matter if the rate is high or low. The latter help you to use Instamond in a better way and apply more useful filters on your targets.

Personalize your Instagram bot

Personalization is a very effective feature of Instamond. By this feature you can set up all of your desired Instagram activities, such as following or unfollowing, liking posts, leaving comments and several other special activities. A very valuable feature of this robot is that you can filter out the accounts that you do not want to engage with your bot’s activities. For example, you can skip commercial accounts or remove accounts which do not have any follower. You can even put your rivals on the blacklist, so that robot will not follow them or perform any further actions such as liking or commenting on their posts. The last feature that we added to Instamond is the “Stop Word”. You can give specific words to the robot and ask them to ignore people who have used these words in their bio or their posts.

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