Instagram Comments Manager

Make the procedure of reading, responding, deleting and organizing of your Instagram comments easy and efficient

Read All Your New Comments

You do not need to be online and keep checking your Instagram all the time. With this tool, you can read all your new comments under any posts, from your feed.

Delete Unwanted Comments

Different people can use Instagram, therefore sometimes irritating and inappropriate comments are inevitable in Instagram. Instagram comment manager can help you to have control over the comments below your posts and delete inappropriate comments immediately.

Online Commenting

With Instagram comments manager you can log in to your Instagram account with any devices and respond to your comments.

Comment History

With Instagram comments manager, all the comments and your replies under all of your posts will be saved. With this tool you can go back to your comments and read them at any time by navigating to “All”.

Mark As Important

With Instagram comments manager you can make sure you won’t miss your important comments by marking them. This feature is designed only for profile owner and it would not affect your profile, publicly.

Mark as Resolved

Answering and managing comments below posts can easily turn to a serious challenge. With Instagram comment manager you can make sure you cover all the comments below your posts. The latter is possible by marking answered comments and moving them to the archive section.

Instagram Comments Manager

With Instagram Comment Manage you can keep an eye on all of your instagram comments under all of your posts. To answer, delete or bookmark important comments you don’t need to open posts individually.

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