Instagram Direct Message Automation

Send Automated Direct Messages on Instagram

Auto DM Instagram

DM Instagram is one of the efficient Instagram services which is provided by Instamond. By this feature you can send Instagram direct messages, automatically. This is a great tool to increase engagement and establish better communication with your followers on instagram. You can make a costum list of different accounts and send messages to them. This message can be a welcome note to your new followers or an advertising message for introducing your account to those who are not following you. It is good to mention that, Instagram has some firm restrictions and laws on its messaging. Fortuently we are familiar with these laws, which are mostly related to the trust and security of Instagram accounts, and our tool works according to these regulations.

Send Welcome DM

With this Instagram automation feature, you can automatically send the Instagram direct message to your new followers.

Custom Lists

By this Instagram automation feature you can send one message to the a custom list of instagram account, it does not matter, followers and unfollowers.

DM to All of Your Followers

If you want to send direct messages to all of your followers, the best way is using instagram auto direct message, it’s easy and safe for your account.

Use Instagram DM to Make Relationship and Get More Followers on Instagram

Gaining followers is not enough for stablishing a sucessful business account. You need to engage with your followers and try to stablish regular communications with them. In this regard, direct conversations are the best choices for stablishing communications. By using Instagram DM you can send messages to other acounts directly (it doesn’t matter if they are your followers or not), and have a private conversation. If you want to send a particular message to your followers or a  Wellcome Message to your new followers everyday, you have to invest a lot of time and effort to send them individual messages all day long. With Instagram Auto DM Service, you can write one DM Online and Automatically send it to all of your followers, new ones or a costume list. Also, you can attach your post to your message to get more likes and comments and gain new followers.

Attach to Instagram DM Automation

Attaching a photo and post to a message is another feature of Instagram DM which makes your messages look smarter and more efficient. With this way, you can send messages to both your followers and strangers. This feature has many benefits, especially for marketing as it introduces your products and services, efficiently. You can attach images of your products and provide information about them in a message to introduce and sell them. Instagram DM will boost your business by sending information about your products, services, and etc. Who knows, Maybe this is the beginning of online marketing.

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