Instamond’s HIGH Protein Alomnd Butter | almonds Milk 200 gram



Instamond  is premium almond in thick liquid form, which can be used as Paste or as  almond butter and makes  excellent almond milk in 30 seconds by shaking or using  hand blender or micro blender / milk froth-maker.

Suitable for those who avoid Dairy milk

This is a Vegetarian product.
  • HIGH QUALITY ALMONDS: Made up of high quality fresh Almonds and roasted in a clean environment before further processing.
  • NO PALM OIL : Our chocolates don’t have any added harmful Palm oil in it
  • ALL NATURAL : Are products are 100% Natural with no added perservatives
  • NO ADDED SUGAR: We don’t add any sugar into our nut butter
  • Shelf life   : 4 months from date of packing
  • Product weight :  200 grams packed in glass bottle
  • High Protein  Gluten free Keto friendly Sugar free Dairy free No preservative    Contains 50% original natural almond oil
  • Health benefits      Instamond  almond paste is absorbed better in the body    Contains negligible sugar
  • High Protein   hence diabetes friendly
  • Users guide  :  For making Almond milk take 180 ml hot  water in a pot, add 2 tablespoons                                         Instamond, add sugar to taste, and stir with mini blender for 30 seconds / regular  For 20 seconds


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